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vivo Apex 2019 shown in first promo video, concept render
22 January 2019, 9:00 am

vivo's Apex 2019 smartphone is still somewhat of a mystery, despite it being expected to become official in two days time on January 24. Vivo started a campaign where it let people touch the phone, but not see it and they described it as metal soap. So the phone is kept well under wraps. But today we get our first glimpse at the nearly bezel-less and fully button-less vivo Apex 2019. Thanks to a concept image, created by Ben Geskin and through the phone's first promo video, uploaded to Weibo. vivo Apex 2019, concept by Ben Geskin There are clearly no buttons on the vivo Apex 2019...

WhatsApp sets limit for forwarding messages
22 January 2019, 8:00 am

I don't know about you, but I have had enough family members ask me if WhatsApp is going to start charging for service if they don't forward the message to 20 of their contacts. With viral content rampant on the platform, WhatsApp has set a limit to all users all over the globe. WhatsApp users will only be able to forward messages to five contacts at a time. In a press release sent via email, WhatsApp explained: All users on the latest version of WhatsApp can now only forward to five contacts at once, which will help keep WhatsApp focused on private messaging with close contacts....

DxOMark now testing selfie cameras - Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note9 rated best so far
22 January 2019, 7:00 am

It was a long time coming, but DxOMark has finally started testing the selfie cameras on phones. The testing is done by analyzing more than 1,500 photos and more than 2 hours of video, taken with each device and there are already 13 phones tested. The top spot is shared by the Google Pixel 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note9, which are head and shoulders above the third-placed Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. Apple's current flagship iPhone XS Max is further behind in fourth. Interestingly the Galaxy S9+ has a much lower score than the Galaxy Note9 despite the identical hardware. Our best guess is the...

Our Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 review video is up
22 January 2019, 7:00 am

Smartphone bezels have been getting smaller and smaller, but one of the first smartphones to push these boundaries is the original Xiaomi Mi Mix. The Mi Mix 3 is the third iteration of the Mi Mix series that pushes the limit of bezels not by notches, nor below-the-display selfie cameras, but instead puts the camera literally behind the screen. Well, it only hides behind the display when you aren't using it and slides up when you, well, slide the phone open! As phone makers try to figure out the best way to make a full-screen phone, we get to see what kind of form factors they experiment...

HP unveils rugged Chromebooks for schools with Wacom stylus support
22 January 2019, 5:00 am

HP has unveiled two Chromebooks for the education market, both of which have undergone MIL-STD-810G testing and feature a spill-resistant keyboard to make sure they can handle the reality of being in the hands of schoolchildren. The HP Chromebook x360 11 G2 Education Edition features an 11" IPS touchscreen (1,366 x 768px). You can rotate that screen 360° to use it in tablet mode, a Wacom EMR pen is supported. HP Chromebook x360 11 G2 Education Edition The Chromebook is powered by either a dual-core Celeron N4000 or quad-core N4100 with 8GB of RAM and 32/64GB of storage. The...

Samsung may stop flagship manufacturing in India in response to new tax
22 January 2019, 3:00 am

Samsung could cease producing flagship phones like the Galaxy S9 and Note9 in India, reduce local smartphone manufacturing and exports of smartphones, if the Indian government doesn't rethink its recent actions. India's Phased Manufacturing Programme (PMP) is the issue here. PMP aims to promote local manufacturing of components in India and was originally planned to take effect in March 2020. But the Indian government has decided to speed things up and now demands production of said components start by February of 2019 - next month - or it will impose a 10% duty tax (that could end up...

Oppo will bring its 10x optical zoom module to the MWC, may bring the Oppo F19
22 January 2019, 1:00 am

Oppo talked about its 10x optical zoom camera last week and promised to unveil more at the MWC. It will indeed, the company just announced an Oppo Innovation Event for February 23. #GetCloser is a clear enough indication that the focus will be on the zoom lens. Will we see a phone using the new module? The tweet says "you've heard the rumors" and while that's pretty vague, there are rumors of an Oppo F19 and F19 Pro, which will reportedly use the 10x zoom setup. You've heard the rumors.Hit that ♥️ if you're ready to #GetCloser— OPPO (@oppo)...

vivo lets people touch - but not see - its button-less, port-less APEX 2019
21 January 2019, 10:59 pm

The first vivo APEX brought us the Find X and its pop-up camera. The new model is coming on January 24 and some people have already touched it as part of an official teaser campaign by vivo. Unfortunately, the phone was kept in a black box, so no one has seen it yet. Fortunately, people described what it felt like - people say it feels like "pebbles" or "metal soap" and were surprised that they didn't feel any buttons or holes. "Metal soap" sounds right, check out the teaser image below. The phone is also known as "The Waterdrop" and early renders show hint at a completely smooth...

Apple partners with Jia Zhangke for 'Shot on iPhone XS' short film
21 January 2019, 9:00 pm

Apple has teamed up with award-winning Chinese director and screenwriter Jia Zhangke to produce a short film called 'shot on iPhone XS'. The film is set to debut on January 25 and then air during China's Spring Festival on February 5. We don't know much about the short except that its protagonists are a man and a tall bucket with a taped lid, that go on a journey across China. Last year Apple partnered with Peter Ho-Sun Chan to release another short for the Spring Festival. Three Minutes, shot entirely on an iPhone X, was a short film about a train attendant on a 6 day journey...

vivo Y89 debuts with Snapdragon 626 chipset
21 January 2019, 7:00 pm

vivo silently launched its next mid-range smartphone dubbed vivo Y89 and it's already on sale on Aliexpress. It's an entry level phone with a 6.26" LCD of FHD+ resolution and a Snapdragon 626 chipset. Photos from the Aliexpress listing The Y89's IPS LCD features an averaged sized notch, while its Snapdragon 626 SoC is paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The latter can be expanded using a microSD card of up to 256GB. Aside from the pretty gradient color, the back shows off a dual-camera setup and a fingerprint reader. The camera module consists of a 16MP main...

Chinese makers settle on 5G prices: $74 more than 4G phones
21 January 2019, 5:45 pm

5G phones are coming and they will cost more than their 4G counterparts. How much more? A report claims that Chinese manufacturers have adopted a "5G+500" formula, meaning a CNY 500 premium (that's $74/€65). And it looks like that just barely covers the additional costs of producing a 5G phone. A 5G modem and compatible chipset are expected to add nearly $50 to the price then there's $30 more for new antennas and other hardware. That lines up with the early estimates of a $100 price hike in MSRP (accounting for taxes). Buyers in the West may be looking at a higher premium, however,...

Samsung Galaxy A8s FE is aimed at the female buyer, comes on Valentine's Day
21 January 2019, 4:45 pm

Samsung has added a pink and gold gradient color option to the Galaxy A8s and plans to sell it as the Galaxy A8s FE (probably for Female Edition) on February 14 in China. Outside of its more feminine-focused color, the Galaxy A8s FE is reportedly identical to the regular version, although there's no word on whether the Galaxy A8s FE will feature 6GB or 8GB of RAM. The Galaxy A8s FE will go on sale on Valentine's Day in China but the price is yet to be disclosed. Whether the phone will become available elsewhere is also unclear. The CEO of Samsung Mobile China shows the A8s FE today,...

Samsung Galaxy M20's back pictured once again
21 January 2019, 4:00 pm

Samsung's upcoming mid-range phone, the Galaxy M20, has been leaking like crazy for the past month and today's photo is here only to confirm what we know so far - a metal design, rear-mounted fingerprint reader and two cameras. There was a leaked photo of the back panel back in mid-December which looks identical to the photo we got here. According to previous rumors, the cameras on the back will be 13MP + 5MP. However, the key selling point will be the humongous 5,000 mAh battery. We will know all about the Galaxy M20 next week, when it's officially launching. Source

Deal: Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL down $150 in US, €250 in Germany
21 January 2019, 3:15 pm

Nothing is permanent in life, and this applies to smartphones prices more than anything else. Back in October, Google announced the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL at $799/€849 or $899/€949, but now the devices are a tad more affordable in two major markets for the company - the United States and Germany. Img Google is offering the phones with a $150 discount on its Store in the US so the 64GB Google Pixel 3 is $649, while the 128GB option is $749. The offers apply both for unlocked smartphones and those bought with a plan from Google Fi and Verizon. The discount applies to the Pixel 3...

Huawei's NM cards benchmarked, show microSD-like performance.
21 January 2019, 2:30 pm

Huawei is pushing for a new memory card standard - NM - but is it any good? Benchmarks show that the cards perform on par with their microSD counterparts. They use the eMMC 4.5 protocol with an UHS-I U3 speed rating, promising peak read speeds of 90MB/s and sustained write speeds of 30MB/s. That's theoretical, here's what you can expect in practice based on the numbers by Hi-Tech: Read Write Maximum 74 MB/s 83 MB/s Average 70 MB/s 73 MB/s Copying a 6.7GB file took 1 minute 33 seconds, that's 72MB/s. Note that a...

Foldable Galaxy to have smaller battery than expected, Galaxy A70 battery detailed
21 January 2019, 1:45 pm

Samsung's first foldable phone was reported to have two batteries, each with a capacity of 3,000mAh or more. Newer info points to a much smaller battery. Two batteries with 2,190mAh capacity, 4,380mAh total, were spotted. They have model numbers EB-BF900ABU and EB-BF901ABU and are presumed to be the power units for the Galaxy F. Battery info for the Samsung Galaxy A70 has surfaced as well. Its battery, EB-BA705ABU has 4,400mAh capacity. That's more than the 4,000mAh battery of the Galaxy A50, but less than the 5,000mAh battery of the Galaxy M20. The Galaxy A70 will be powered by...

Here's our first look at the new Motorola RAZR 2019
21 January 2019, 1:00 pm

Motorola's reimagining of the iconic RAZR clamshell just got a bit clearer. Through images from a patent filing (which Moto was reportedly granted) we get to see a clearer image of what the 2019 RAZR will look like. The phone will be a clamshell with a foldable OLED display embedded into it. On the outside it looks to carry a similar outline to the original phone, down to the rounded bottom (where the speaker will be). However on the inside there looks to be a one-piece display with a notch on the top (for the earpiece). There are hinges in the middle of the phone's body. The on the...

Galaxy S10 to have in-screen fingerprint scanner, Samsung Pay app source code confirms
21 January 2019, 12:10 pm

We've been hearing rumors about Samsung putting the fingerprint scanner below the screen since the development stage of Galaxy S8. When it didn't arrive, speculations suggested the Galaxy S9 would finally have it, but now we have somewhat of a confirmation that the Galaxy S10 will come with the sensor under the OLED panel. Samsung Pay source code The source code of the Samsung Pay app was dissected by XDA-Developers, and it said "in-display FP scanner". Apparently, when you choose to pay through the native application, the dialog box asking what type of security you'll...

Samsung announces the Exynos 7 Series 7904 SoC
21 January 2019, 11:20 am

Samsung announced a new mid-range Exynos 7904 SoC designed with the Indian market in mind. It should help the company's mid-range and entry level devices retain a competitive edge against the aggressively priced Chinese competitors. Samsung says the new SoC delivers high-end features in an affordable package. Perhaps the 14nm node on which the SoC is built gives Samsung some headroom with the pricing. It offers an octa-core CPU consisting of two big Cortex-A73 cores ticking at 1.8 GHz and six smaller and more energy-efficient Cortex-A53 cores running at 1.6 GHz. The LTE modem supports...

Redmi Note 7 kicked down the stairs, used as skates in new videos
21 January 2019, 10:30 am

The Redmi Note 7 has shot two more audition tapes for Jackass. In the first, Redmi CEO Lu Weibing sends the phone tumbling down a set of stairs. But only after putting it inside a wastebasket and taping it in (what, you've never done that by accident?). The phone fell down 18 stairs in 4 seconds, a total height of 2.7m (9ft), in case you were curious. The next stunt shows that you can't skate on the Redmi Note 7, even if you duct tape wheels to it. Though we're willing to blame the failure on not using enough duct tape. PS. Unlike the walnut-smashing video here we get to see...