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Huawei Malaysia slips up, confirms the Huawei P30 lite is really the nova 4e
22 March 2019, 2:00 pm

The flagship P30 phones have been the stars of two major leaks, but the Huawei P30 lite is not getting left behind - it leaked too. And these are leaks straight from mind you, it doesn't get any more reliable than this. Still, the P30 lite leak is fairly tame, in fact it just confirms something we suspected all along - the phone will merely be a rebranded Huawei nova 4e, which was unveiled last week. Huawei P30 lite, aka nova 4e Here's the proof - check the images on the official page on Huawei Malaysia for the 4e, the folder and image file names make it quite...

Netflix testing cheaper mobile-only plan in India
22 March 2019, 1:15 pm

Netflix is now testing its mobile-only plan in India, according to Economic Times. The company had previously started testing this plan in other countries, including Malaysia, and is now trying it out in India. With this plan, you can subscribe to the service for INR 250 ($3.6). This is half of the cheapest plan Netflix currently offers for INR 500 ($7.2), which gives you SD quality and the option to stream on one device at a time. In comparison, the mobile-only plan will also offer SD quality and one device limit but that device now has to be a mobile device. As is with the case with...

Sony Xperia 1 screen works in 4K all the time
22 March 2019, 12:30 pm

Sony launched the Xperia 1 with the first 4K OLED display in a smartphone. It arrived with a 21:9 ratio and the whole panel is trademarked under the moniker CinemaWide. According to moderators on an official Sony forum, it won't follow in the footsteps of the XZ2 Premium and revert to 1080p for most of the UI and apps - everything will be shown in the 4K resolution of 3840 x 1644 pixels. Screenshot of the confirmation Still, the apps that do not support native 4K and will work in Full HD until support is added. The native apps will all be updated to support the new resolution -...

WhatsApp to tell you how many times your message has been forwarded
22 March 2019, 11:45 am

Last week we told you about WhatsApp's test of in-app browsing and reverse image search features on its Android app. Today we learn about two more features that this Facebook subsidiary is working on. WhatsApp is developing two new features called "Forwarding Info" and "Frequently Forwarded". Forwarding Info tells you how many times a message you sent to others has been forwarded. This information is shown in the Message Info section which is accessed by long pressing the sent message and then tapping on the info icon that appears at the top. WABetaInfo reports that this feature...

After Huawei Enjoy 9S, the Enjoy 9e also leaks
22 March 2019, 11:00 am

Huawei is hosting an event on March 25 in China where it will unveil the Enjoy 9S and Enjoy 9e smartphones. Specifications and images of the 9S have already leaked, and now the 9e has also surfaced online ahead of the launch. Pictures of the Enjoy 9e show that it looks similar to the Enjoy 9S, except that it has a bigger chin with Huawei logo atop. The smartphone will come in at least three colors - Brown, Black, and Blue - with the Brown variant having a back with leather finish. Huawei Enjoy 9e The leak also includes specifications of the Enjoy 9e - Helio P35 SoC, 3GB RAM,...

vivo V15 comes to India, sales start from April 1
22 March 2019, 10:15 am

The vivo V15 that was unveiled earlier this month has debuted in India today. The smartphone is priced at INR23,990 ($348) and will be sold through Flipkart,, vivo India's online store, as well as brick-and-mortar stores across the country. vivo will begin the sales of the V15 in India from April 1, but it will start accepting pre-orders from March 25. Those who pre-order can get up to INR10,000 ($145) benefits from Reliance Jio and a one-time free screen replacement. vivo V15 The V15 has Helio P70 SoC under the hood with 6GB RAM. It boasts a 6.53-inch notchless...

Xiaomi Mi A3 to come with an in-display fingerprint scanner
22 March 2019, 9:15 am

Xiaomi might have hit the jackpot with the latest Redmi series, but the company keeps pushing. The latest tech that it wants to bring to its midrangers, is the under-display fingerprint scanner. Reports from XDA-Developers revealed at least three new phones with the FOD technology (fingerprint-on-display) were spotted for hardware testing, two of them with codenames suggesting Android One. They are most likely the Xiaomi Mi A3 and Xiaomi Mi A3 Lite and one of their Chinese versions. The three phones are codenamed "pyxis", "bamboo_sprout", and "cosmos_sprout", with the _sprout suffix...

Comcast launches Xfinity Flex, a $5/month streaming box
22 March 2019, 8:32 am

Streaming content is as popular as ever and the market is crowded with streaming device options from Roku, to Amazon's Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV. You get the picture. On Thursday, Comcast announced the Xfinity Flex streaming box. It's powered by the same OS that runs on its Xfinity cable DVR boxes. Apple is set to announce its own video streaming service very soon and Xfinity wants to make sure that folks hear about the Flex before that happens. It's a streaming box for those Xfinity Internet customers who don't have set-top TV boxes. Unsurprisingly, being an Xfinity...

A batch of Nokia phones were inadvertently communicating with a Chinese server
22 March 2019, 7:40 am

On Thursday, major news firm of Norway, NRK reported about an issue where several units of the Nokia 7 Plus were inadvertently sending personal information to a Chinese server. These units were sold in the Norwegian market but quickly raised grave concern when the communication between the handset and Chinese server were discovered. The report found that personal information about the device, including GPS coordinates, SIM card number, and the devices serial number were being transferred to the server, unencrypted. This was happening whenever the phone was switched on, screen fired up, or...

T-Mobile launches pilot Home Internet program
22 March 2019, 7:00 am

The future of home-internet has begun in the US. Following Verizon's recent announcement of 5G service and the eventual launch of its home 5G broadband service, T-Mobile is beating Verizon to the punch line. No, T-Mobile doesn't have a 5G network yet, but it believes it can deliver home internet via 4G LTE. On Thursday, T-Mobile is announcing a limited pilot program called T-Mobile Home Internet. The service offers unlimited internet over a 4G LTE connection, fit enough for a household. T-Mobile is only offering the pilot to specific areas where the carrier has enough capacity to cover a...

Redmi Go now on sale in India
22 March 2019, 6:20 am

The Redmi Go that debuted in India earlier this week goes on sale today in the country starting at noon local time through, Flipkart, and Mi Home stores. The Redmi Go is priced at INR4,499 ($66) and is powered by Snapdragon 425 SoC which is coupled with 1GB RAM. It runs Android 8.1 Oreo (Go Edition) and sports a 5-inch LCD having a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Redmi Go This smartphone has 8GB of onboard storage and the Indian variant comes with a dedicated slot for microSD card that allows storage expansion by up to 128GB. It has an 8MP rear camera, a 5MP front...

Sony Xperia 10 review
22 March 2019, 5:58 am

Sony's newly revamped smartphone lineup revolves around the digit 1 - there's the flagship Xperia 1 that's not quite ready for prime time and the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus in the midrange, the two very much in stores as we speak. We had a closer look at the 10 Plus recently, and now it's the smaller 10's turn.

Brand new Pixel 2 XL for Verizon is now just $399.99
22 March 2019, 4:30 am

Google may not have launched its mid-range Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL yet, but if you want a Google smartphone that's priced like a mid-ranger there's no need to wait for those. Right now, Best Buy is offering Verizon's Pixel 2 XL for just $399.99, no contract or activation required. That's $450 off the phone's initial price when it launched back in 2017, and a very good deal considering what you're getting for the price of an iPhone SE, basically. Also, if you hate the Pixel 3 XL's huge notch, but like big Google phones, the 2 XL is definitely the one for you. Now this is technically the...

Samsung Galaxy S10e deal: free Qi Wireless Charger Duo
22 March 2019, 3:00 am

Samsung's Galaxy S10 and S10+ were pretty predictable, but the S10e is something else entirely. Sure, the Korean company wants to emulate Apple's strategy by having an iPhone XR of its own, exact same price point and all, but the thing is the cheapest member of the S10 family does a lot of what its more expensive siblings do too. And you save quite a bit going for it. And it's the only high-end Samsung option for people who hate curved screens. So, if this model intrigues you too, perhaps enough to make you want one, B&H has an interesting deal going on. There's no price cut yet - it's way...

Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text for up to seven years
22 March 2019, 1:30 am

Recently it seems like whenever Facebook is in the news, it's not for a good reason. Data leaks, security breaches, shady user data deals, you name it - the company's been involved in it, and stuff just keeps on surfacing. Case in point: today's absolutely unbelievable news that the social network had been storing passwords in plain text. User login passwords. Hundreds of millions of them. In some instances going back to 2012. Easily accessible by more than 20,000 Facebook employees. An inside source estimates that 200 to 600 million passwords were stored in this way - in which no...

Sony Xperia XZ3 camera fails to impress DxO Mark reviewers, barely beats XA2 Ultra
21 March 2019, 10:59 pm

The Sony Xperia XZ3 failed to impress the reviewers at DxO Mark and, strangely, it failed to best the score of the Xperia XZ Premium. Note: not the XZ2 Premium, but the first Premium phone from early 2017. In fact, the phone just barely beat the mid-range Xperia XA2 Ultra. Here's what went wrong. The XZ3 was praised for nailing the exposure and producing images with good texture and pleasant color. The photos can be rich in detail if shot in well-lit areas, but the camera doesn't like the dark. Autofocus gets slower in the dark - taking up to half a second! - saturation gets boosted too...

Samsung is seeding yet another Galaxy Buds software update
21 March 2019, 9:00 pm

Samsung has issued yet another update to the brand new Galaxy Buds, shortly after the one that came out a couple of weeks back. It's fairly small - just 1.32MB but it fixes some important issues like misreporting the battery level. The new update can be applied through the Galaxy Wearable app and the changelog says that the buds will now report their battery level correctly. Moreover, you can now expect a more stable Bluetooth connection. There was also a small bug with the ambient sound menu (the feature that amplifies the sound around you so you are aware of your...

Samsung confirms notchless Infinity display for Galaxy A90
21 March 2019, 7:30 pm

PR departments are just not good at keeping secrets - an English language page was posted to Samsung Indonesia that extolled the benefits of the "maxed out notchless Infinity screen". However, the page makes it clear that this feature is available only on the Samsung Galaxy A90. "Notchless" doesn't necessarily mean that the Galaxy A90 will opt for a punch hole selfie camera like the Galaxy S10 flagships. Previous leaks suggest that it could be come Samsung's first phone with a pop-up camera. The image accompanying the text is clearly of another A-series phone. There are strong...

Sneaky promo shows the video and zoom quality of the Huawei P30 Pro camera 
21 March 2019, 6:00 pm

Parker Walbeck, who runs an online film school, got to use a certain yet to be released smartphone with a flagship camera and impressive optical zoom. In the video below, he shows some beautiful footage from Cancun, Mexico that was shot with the phone. The phone has been masked, but there's really only a couple of possible options - Huawei P30 Pro or Oppo Reno. But there's a hint in the video, the phone will be announced "very soon". The P30 Pro fits that bill - it's less than a week away. Walbeck focused on shooting video with the phone and the quality looks great. Zooming in is...

Oppo Reno 5G gets certified to work on European networks
21 March 2019, 5:00 pm

The 5G version of the Oppo Reno was tested by Sporton and received a 5G CE certificate by CTC. This means that the phone is clear to operate on 5G networks in Europe. The phone itself is preparing to launch in the first half of 2019. It was cleared to use the n78 band, which promises a lot of bandwidth (up to 100MHz) and will enjoy wide support in Europe. Obviously, European carriers are still working on launching their 5G networks, but by the looks of it Orange, Telecom Italia, British Telecom and Deutsche Telekom will use the n78 band. To help speed things up, Oppo launched its...